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Tanga wonders Adventures discover the natural beauty of Tanzania while enjoying the vacation in Africa most popular of National Parks


Tanga Wonders Adventure, Bush to Beach Experienced Tour Operators

Tanga wonders adventure is the best tour operator in Tanga Region.Tanga is located on the North East of Tanzania,close to the Mombasa border to Kenya and a short center of flight from Zanzibar,Pemba and Dare es salaam.

Tanga wonders Adventures discover the natural beauty of Tanzania while enjoying the vacation in Africa most popular of National Parks Tanga wonders Adventures provide complete tour and safari packages to group of all size and individual Safari and Adventure in Africa.

We Provide Top Destinations Especially For You

Tanga Coastal Destinations

Amboni Caves

The most extensive limestone caves in East Africa, It is home for many spirits that hold great religious significance for many local tribe, Ethnic groups such as..

Sulfur Spring Water

Galanos Hot Sulphur Springs is about 12km on the way to Mombasa from Tanga city. The spring is still active bobbling from the earth and flowing to form…

Sand Bank Island

Tanga Island is bathed by the warm currents of the equator. The coral reefs offer exhilarating scuba diving and snorkeling within a short boat ride from most beaches..

Amani Natural Reserve

Amani Nature reserve (ANR) has been termed as the “Last Paradise” it is a paradise of nature in the sense that the flora and fauna are unique….

Coastal Unique National Parks

Saadani National Park

The park has plentifull game including giraffe, hartebeest, waterbuck, wildebeest, buffallo, hippos and crocodiles. It is also possible but harder to see lion, leopard and sable antelope.Game drives in the park are rewarding as are boating safaris along the Wami River, at the river estuary the salt pans are filled with flamingos and the river is a birder’s paradise

Mkomazi National Park

Set below the verdant slopes of the spectacular Usambara and Pare Eastern Arc Mountain ranges and overseen by iconic snow – capped peak of Kilimanjaro, Mkomazi a virgin breathtaking beauty exhibiting unique natural treasures and immense sense of space – adds to the fulfillment of high visitor enjoyment expectations – a much needed bridge between…

Coastal Cultural Sites
Toten Island

Toten Island is situated off the Tanga Habour but is within the Tanga Bay. Relax on the beach, explore the island, and catch fish and swim, snorkeling on the beautiful island. Executions were common during the German Colonial period; however the island is currently not inhabited. Ruins of Arabs mosque and German cemetery,

Pangani Historical Sites

The name Pangani owes to the river that runs through northern part of the Historical Town. Pangani is a very old town, it is believed to be  established  before 6th Century BC..

Usambara Mountain

The West Usambara Mountains are situated in north eastrn Tanzania between Mount Kilimanjaro and the Indian Ocean.These mountains rise steeply from the…

Tongoni Ruins

Tongoni is a small fishing village situated 17 km south of Tanga City. It was once a prosperous and respected trading center in the 15th century….