Tanga Cultural

The whole of Coastal area which stretches from Tanga to Pangani gives a Swahili type of culture with dressings of ‘Kanzu’ and Kofia for men and Baibui for women. One can also see the men playing a game known as ‘Bao’ during evening while women are weaving different types of colorful. Mats or themselves with heena in their hands and feet with a variety of designs. As one leaves the coastal area to districts such as Muheza, Handeni, Korogwe,Lushoto and Kilindi, there is a slight change in dressings and culture. There are some places where some cultural mutual ceremonies are still performed such as those performed by Wakilindi at the Taragunda Culture site in the Kwagunda village and many more others in Zigua area Bondei, and Wasambaa areas.

1017319_585219041563574_1912036921_nThese Ceremonies might include rain making ceremonies where a wide variety of drums and music instruments are played and dancing takes play in the marry -making.Learn about environment of Tanga and behavior. for those travelers interested in volunteering knowledge, Love, caring, sharing and laughter, also there plenty opportunities to be arranged for you to enjoy a close experience with village families, hospital and orphanages
Interested in improving their lives from learning from you.

Amboni  Limestone Caves

1653731_595379210547557_1222773569_nThe most extensive limestone caves in East Africa, It is home for many spirits that hold great religious significance for many local tribe, Ethnic groups such as the Segeju, Sambaa, Bondei and the Digo who lived near the caves used them for prayers. Its eight kms from town to amboni caves and its four km from Amboni Caves to hot spring water. You can watch the physical feature in side of caves and not man made it, Beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Various stone formations, seven unique caves will be visited, mother marriage (Engel) and Madonna, with white colobus monkey around outside the caves.

The Galanos Hot Spring Water

img_5615(optional)-are hot and sulphurous and havetherapeutic properties. A bath in the springs is believed to relieve skin ailments, you can test the coconut wine (Tanga wine) and coconut fruit juice, will learn a lot of botanic species a crossing the Zigi River.

Galanos Hot Sulphur Springs is about 12km on the way to Mombasa from Tanga city. The spring is still active bobbling from the earth and flowing to form a stream along to the Ziggi River.

The spring is obviously rich in minerals. Evidence of this can be seen in the blue and yellow color deposited in the canal in which sulphur water flowing through from the main sources.

The hot spring is located in a coconut plantation, and you can enjoy drinking coconut juice and testing the different types of fruits which are growing there.


Totein Island

saadani mojaToten Island is situated off the Tanga Habour but is within the Tanga Bay. Relax on the beach, explore the island, and catch fish and swim, snorkeling on the beautiful island. Executions were common during the German Colonial period; however the island is currently not inhabited. Ruins of Arabs mosque and German cemetery,



Tongoni Ruins

1069137_700233293395481_7636571518215818439_nTongoni is a small fishing village situated 17 km south of Tanga City. It was once a prosperous and respected trading center in the 15th century. Established by the Shirazi of Persian origin who established Islamic settlements in Eastern Africa such as Kilwa and Mafia.  Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese sailor is said to have first visited Tongoni in April 1498. He made a second visit the next year and spent 14 days in Tongoni. Tongoni ruins consists of mosques and tombs, remains of residential house of the first shiraz and the location of the first port before Tanga.