Tanga Cultural Itinerary

Tanga wonders Tours & Travel offers the different options special cultural tour                                                                           in Tanga town for day trips .

Amboni caves,our expert guide driving  or cycling you to the endemic and extensive limestone caves in East Africa,discovering mostly of feature formed by chemical erosion within a caves such stalactite,stalagmite,African map,virgin marry,visit at snake park house,experience with local daily activities surrounding areas.

Sulfur spring water (Gala nos hot spring water)these hot and sulfurous springs are visited by local people for their healing properties,especially for skin ailments.The colorful greenish blue  and yellow deposits in the bottom of the brook give evidence of sulfur,walking through the tropical lush forest and enjoy flora and fauna,bird watching,coconut juice and  coconut wine experience.

Tanga City cultural tour,our guide accampany you to the land of historical swahili and experience the hospitality of tanga city,friends people,helpful,and charming by foot or bike,also you will be able to see mostly of Historical Graves,Railway,Museum,Orthodox church(Greek church)Fishing market and other historical site building by Arabs,German and British before first world war.share to cooking swahili food,Carving hairs,Waving,sing and Dance cultural drums,visit to a Traditional pottery village.

At the end will have a chance to visit and learn from women made a food cover(kawa) and palm leave to make roof at local house(kiungo)

Tongoni Ruins cultural  tour,these ruins are located about 17km from Tanga city, comprising a mosque and over forty grave.The ruins are all the remains of a small but prosperous town which peaked shortly after being founded in the 14th to 14th centuries.

Tongoni contains the largest collection of shiraz tombs in East Africa and indicate the prosperity it enjoyed before the arrival of the portuguese disrupted the trading routes on which coastal town like Tongoni depended.The settlement of Tongoni was mentioned by Vasco da Gama in April 1498 en route to India.

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