Lushoto – Usambara Mountain

Usambara Mountain Lushoto (Western Usambara)

The West Usambara Mountains are situated in north eastrn Tanzania between Mount Kilimanjaro and the Indian Ocean.These mountains rise steeply from the surrounding plain and can only be entered via a few roads.The only paved road in the area winds along a small river to the towns of Soni and Lushoto.During colonial times the Germans and English favored these mountains,as evidenced by the  numerous historic buildings.Frm a far,the mountains are a colorful mosaic.On the fertile slopes around Soni and Lushoto,farmers cultivate small plots.Father away from the towns,large areas of land are covered by dense tropical rain forests.The viewpoints on the southern  and Western sides of the West Usambaras are well known for the spectacular views of the Mkomazi and Handeni plains,and Mount Kilimanjaro on the horizon.At the end of the day the sunset turns the area into a palette of unforgettable colors.

Irente View Point

lushotoThis tour is very famous and is relaxed walk.The walk will take you through traditional villages where you can experience traditional way of living.visiting sugar cane squeezing machine for making sugar cane juice to the view point which you  overlook Mazinde Village about 1500m below.After enjoying the views continue to Irente farm for picnic lunch then walk to back to Lushoto.

Magamba Rain Forest

maThe tour starts by walking to Magamba rain forest a home to black and white Columbus monkeys after enjoying the forest visit a German Trench dug during the 1st World War.Also you can sport different types of chameleons,birds flowers and spectacular views over Lushoto valley.



Mkuzi Water Falls

mkuziBy private drive to Muller’s Lodge then start walking to Mkuzi water fall where you will enjoy the pleasant environment and later walk back to Lushoto



Ndelemai Forest

images (2)Visit one of the primary tropical rain forest which remains after the destruction of forests in Usambara Mountains and get a big chance for sporting animals such as Columbus monkeys,squirrels,butterflies,chameleons,flowers endemic species such as Ocotea usambariensis.Also you can visit Sakhrani mission for trying macadamia nuts.


Mtae View Point

images (1)This is combination of various attractions such as visiting traditional village,rain forests,A world view point,pottery women.During this trip you will be able to see much more of the traditional lifestyle of  the Shambaa people.Don’t miss it as it will make your holiday memorable.