Amani Natural Reserve

Amani Botanic Garden (Eastern Usambara)m3

Amani Nature reserve (ANR) has been termed as the “Last Paradise” it is a paradise of nature in the sense that the flora and fauna are unique.The species composition is very diverse with a complex structure very large and Tall trees (over 60 metres) exist throughout the ANR while below then many different types of plant species including climbers parasitic plants bryophytes, epiphytes and lianas being supported by tall trees.

10577134_1522860037947217_5155924602298752275_nThese characteristics make ANR a suitable area for Eco-tourism whereby it could be utilized for human pleasure by undertaking activities such as game viewing enjoying natural beauty or site seeing, hiking, camping, walking, picnics boating fishing and learning while maintaining sound ecological processes and stability of the area.

The Amani Nature Reserve Includes also one of the largest Botanical Gardens in Africa. This garden was started by the Germans in 1902 including the first tree nursery in Tanganyika.

IMG_9060-001The Amani Botanical Gardens (ABG) occupies an area of 350 hectares, The German planted about 900 different tree species both indigenous and exotics from different parts of the World. Thus ANR is centre for biological diversity. The floristic composition is very diverse and there are 2012 vascular plants species per Ha. Thus a large proposition of the endemic species are found within ANR.

There also within ANR rare animals birds and butterflies which are very rare in other parts of the world.

10583873_1522859501280604_971528749929746750_nThere are also rare types of chameleon, lizards, snakes and amphibians. Therefore Amani Nature Reserve is a place worth visiting for those who want to witness for themselves endemic species within their natural habitants.